I was with Thumbtack when they first started. Made numerous bids never any word back. When they went to the $14 unlimited bid per month I tried that. Bid on everything and anything, high and low. Not one response.

Now there is a new scammer called Outsource.com. 15 to 20 jobs a day emailed to me. Submitted a few bids nothing. One thing I've notice budgets are ridiculously low. A website for a Home Health Agency and the budget is less than $500.

Here's another "job description" with a budget less than $500 - "I need a graphic designer freelancer that can draw/sketch mens apparel ( men's shirts, men denim jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts,and men's sports jogging suit and sportswear. Must have experience with men's fashions, sizing and various color combinations."

Just Google "online freelance companies" and nothing came up about them. They are advertising on Facebook, which is how I found out about them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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they are a scam and I hope more people complain about their product..


100% True. I left the platform. Support is really medoicre as well.


I blew over $100 on Outsource. The design requests tend to range from unrealistic (for the fee offered) to absolutely absurd.

I've bid on over a dozen projects... progressively lowering my fee standards and still got out- (read "under-") bid.

I have over 25 years of experience in graphic design along with an impressive portfolio. These people are looking for low bid, in my opinion.


Was about to sign up and came across this post!! Thanks for saving me some $$. Better look at upwork or freelancer


Agree totally. outsource.com makes candidates pay to apply for jobs, then forces them to under-bid each other. When you see a business model like this, run away and don't look back, because it's a scam.


Outsource.com, May i know where are your clients and freelancers feedback/reviews so that i can see their working experience with you guys?

I came from Elance.com with 7 years great working experience with them...they are shutting down their operations so i thought outsource.com can be good platform and I was about to pay for 6 month membership but luckily i found this forum with tons of bad reviews about your company and Now I decided to go for other options who are having good reputation and trusted user base.

I am also surprised to see your concept because you are bombarding 40-50 new job request emails Daily!!!

and when some one wants to subscribed for membership he can bid only on 6-7 projects in a Month. Is this some kind of joke???

grow up guys and think about to provide services first instead of taking money of your genuine users.

Please tell me in one sentence "why should i do business with you while i really don't know who are my clients and competitors?

Outsource.com you lost your one user (me) just because of these bad reviews and if you will not take these complains seriously then you will throw away from the outsourcing world.


Wow! The comment about identity theft triggered me.

Immediately after signing up, I started getting tons of email in my spam asking me for banking informatioin etc and sending money to "princesses" in Africa. LOL. I am deleting my profile.

I was online looking for a coupon and could not find one. I could not confirm a phone number as well.


I signed up...had clients send in the needed 3 reviews to get started....tons of emails of companies needing artist, etc. but my profile keeps saying i need another review, therefore i cannot bid on anything. CROOKS


Thanks for the heads up.


Wow... so glad I looked up reviews for this site.

Over the past 2 days I've received a ton of emails "requesting a quote", and I was thinking either I've hit a gold mine or this is a ton of bs... I was literally just about to put in my credit card number too. Whew...

saved a $100! Thank God!


When I signed up with Outsource I had no idea, I would have to pay. How can we tell these are valid jobs? No validity-no $$ I say.


Outsource can only be good for the person looking for CHEAP designers. This is a horrible way to get freelance jobs because Outsource gives the prospective clients three buttons to click: Under $500, $500-$1,000 and $1,000+.

Most EVERYONE wants to pay under $500.

How about doing a website, brochure and logo for under $500?

Outsource is probably a good way for students to gain a portfolio and make a little bit of pocket change. This site is definitely NOT for professionals.

Don't waste your time unless you want to make $5 an hour or to build a portfolio.

And by the way, they automatically charge your credit card after six months without any notice. So make sure you mark you calendar and cancel the service before they do that!


Not only have I had a terrible experience with Outsource.com, I am looking for a way to shut them down. Why just gripe about it?

It gets all of us no where and future job seekers are scammed out of their money. Society needs change here! About my experience first. The site is set up with no contact information.

Try to find their physical address. We cannot see earnings of freelancers and payouts for clients. I get refunds for non-viewed quotes and re-quote to lose the refund. I have NEVER been emailed by a client.

Job descriptions have a feel, when reading them, that the same person is writing them. From all that, to losing over $100.00 just to bid on jobs that are not guaranteed. Now, for my investigation to stop them. Does anyone have information on physical location?

Does anyone have company earnings figures? Does anyone know of freelance successes?

Can anyone answer the questions I raised, any of them? Please advise & future Outsource.com freelancers BEWARE!


I looked outsource.com up on the national BBB site. Their physical location is in Palo Alto, CA.


Check glassdoor.com or glassdoor app, they have the company's info, they are out of California. Hope this helps.


Same experience. Actually worried about what they do with the data in my profile too. Any chance outsource.com is also involved in identity theft?


Regarding OUTSOURCE.COM ...

I've been using other sites for freelancing leads with limited success. When I approached Outsource.com, I thought I might have some luck here.

A very neat site, claiming to have thousands of clients waiting for you to join. I was wrong.

After paying a 6-month, no refund membership of over $100, I found that no leads were to be had. Within two weeks, I only received ONE semi-qualifying lead that did not materialize.

I reached out to their support team, who told me they offered no refunds. Instead, they will give you another 6 months for free, if you have no jobs during the first paid 6 months.

What does this mean?

Their cashflow is so tight, that they need to stick freelancers with a non-refundable 6-month membership. Further, this shows that they cannot stand by their service stongly enough to offer any sort of refund or immediate assistance.

I paid over $100 for a dud...


thank you all for sharing, i receive all these quotes, and have gone back and forth do i or don't i. And to be honest after reading all these i went with my gut - NO!

I am on thumbtack as well, and i am not happy, but for 30 bucks i am ok with it.

I won't spend another dime, but I didn't lose much either.

Have a great day all - and we move on.....without fees!


So... In conclusion...

Any service that claims to provide clients and professionals with a mutual platform for communications should NOT (and I emphasize NOT!!!) charge for sending quotes!...

They should rather take a small cut out of the finalized deal.

For example 3-5%, almost like an agent would do, because that is exactly what they are attempting to do - act as an agent on behalf of the clients and the professionals.

So, be professional yourself and act like a REAL agency!

Check out the work of your professionals and rate them according to their price range and capabilities... and match your best clients with the best professionals for them.

It would be a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for YOU, your artists and your clients...


Had the exact same experience. I am a professional designer, and did not get one reply, after bidding on many jobs.

Not a single reply! Have emailed with someone named Jocelyn, who assured me they were not a scam.

But I have been on the site 3 months without a single job hiring. My job record is much better just going on my own!

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