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I recently signed up with Thumbtack upon the advice of a friend in hopes of getting my newly founded freelance writing business up and running. I built my profile and quickly started getting tons of leads, and was ready to purchase credits however the actual leads were odd and all requiring the same service descriptions.

Luckily, I caught on to Thumbtack's fake lead hustle before I lost any money. I repeatedly got leads for remote admin jobs listing "shipping and delivering" as a duty. How exactly can I provide shipping services....remotely?

Thinking it was a scam, I started googling reviews and came across a treasure trove of unsatisfied freelancers. I will not be utilizing Thumbtack or wasting my money on its fake leads.

Review about: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1332262

You are absolutely correct!

When I was working as a cleaning contractor in another state I found multiple other companies using this site that makeup a job that doesn't exist and write themselves 5 Star reviews whenever they receive a bad review from a real customer.

I have brought this to Thumbtack's attention and they have decided to look the other way!

I am POSITIVE this IS happening!

The reviews are posted on the same day that the requests come in + plus they are obviously fake and written by the owners!

Some examples are: A. getting a security deposit back for a cleaning that happened the same day that the request came in and this is not even likely until 30 days later, but definitely not the same day! B. hiring the company to come clean for Thanksgiving and Christmas when the requests was originally submitted 5 days after Christmas!

C. Reviews talking about the customer contacting the company, them sending someone out the following day and mentioning that the cleaning took place yesterday or a few days before when the review was written the same day or the day after the request was submitted etc... Thumbtacks "Team" that takes care of this, or "looks at" the reported fraudulent requests, apparently lives inside of a box, has no common sense or like I said they don't care! And look the other way!

They don't want to do anything about it because they make money off of every contractor that bids on these jobs whether they are real or not... VERY deceptive company! I have pointed out specific jobs, that were used to write fake reviews, that I bid on myself, and Thumbtack deletes those so that I no longer have proof of this happening and I never get refunded my credits... Great Job Thumbtack!

They are knowingly taking advantage of people especially the professionals that give good customer service. It's all about money! How can other pros have 75 hires and 74 reviews or vice versa.? people don't take the time to write good reviews because they expect good service if it sounds too good to be true...

it most likely is and I suggest everyone read profiles completely (hires vs. # of reviews) before making a judgement call on who to hire based on reviews! Since living here, trying my luck again and using Thumbtack... The same thing is taking place!

Thumbtack= Scam Artists all over the country...

Also told me the customer viewed my quote when I had created a few accounts and bid on them to view customers perspective I WAS THE CUSTOMER, Ditzo! I NEVER opened any of them!

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