New Orleans, Louisiana
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I have been on thumbtack for about 2 years. I have gotten here and there a few REAL leads but most especially with one this year have been fake.

Charging 6 to 8 dollars for interested people who want a quote yet the quote was available.

If there is a lawsuit I would like to be part of it as well.

I have additional info and Proof of a “contact” who selected me but was still available on the feed. Multiple fake accounts.

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I agree 100 % thumbtack is a scam got charged 70 for a lead an the customer contacted me from home advisor tell me she never even went to thumbtacks website. How donyoubexplain that.

And every single other lead no one would respond ever.

No contact number to even prove that its real. Its a shame how this lead generation turned out to be such a rat race.


Is there a law suit, cause I also would like to be involved on how the scam and fake leads.


I quit along time ago with thumbtack! They figured out how to charge service providers for fake customers!

Such a sham! Don’t ever consider this a good return on your money!

I teach yoga and there’s no way 12 people in an area in a day go to thumbtack for yoga and digging deeper into the area where they can from there’s a dozen yoga studios to choose from where they could go! When I questions one of the less about it she got angry and reported me I think for questioning her about the fake lead!

Tonya R

I would love to join this effort, and this is much less than I paid per lead (28-75/lead). But now that they've disabled me I can't even get to my existing customers or records because I can't even log in!!!

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