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PRISTINE, Megan Stotts was fully oriented on required painting 7 rooms w/connecting hallways, Stotts agreed to do the entire job for $3500, with a starting date of 12 November,2016. A deadline to accomplish 3 of the 7 rooms was ultimately set at 5 Dec "16 due to the lengthy and erratic hours spent away from the job.

On 7 Dec Megan was fired. The initial 3 rooms were not completed, 23 days had elapsed, the room were left disgracefully unkept with no further communication. Painter was paid $1500 at the outset as stipulated. Stotts although pleasant has (admittedly) no experience with this large commitment, cannot coordinate her timing, has to many diversions, family stress, husband problems, other cleaning jobs and never tells us the truth.

She is disorganized, fails to coordinate and is always on the "run". .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Thumbtack Pros: Simple to use.

Thumbtack Cons: Lack of accountability.

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My friend, the person who did this job is not a trained or qualified house painter. All of the pictures you posted are evidence that she knows nothing of what she is doing.

Even if she had been timely and consistent, you would still have need of a paint job and a lot of paint removal when she finished. You may consider yourself lucky that you did not pay the whole bill. I would think any court would award you damages based on these pictures. People all think they can paint...

in reality it requires much skill and know how. Good luck to you...


Yes I see that all the time was she the cheapest because I am a female painter and I am very good at what I do and I have a lot of pride in it when these people show up and undercut me and do *** jobs it does not bode well for me it's hard enough being in a man's business I have to be extra perfect

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