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I feel your pain. I recently had a similar situation.

I had 164 verified bookings with 108 reviews and a 4.9 rating. I had gotten a 1 star anonymous review, with no explanation why. I proceeded to call thumbtack, and I got horrible service. The only 2 people I was privileged enough to speak with, (and I am saying it like that because I did ask to speak to a supervisor or manager but was denied), were of no help.

The first told me, the person who gave the review never even hired me. Never spoke to the person, just a quote. I asked for more information but they denied it, to keep the integrity and confidentiality of the person who left the review. I basically said, it wasn't fair, I didn't earn the review, if I did it would be fair, but the person never spoke or used my services.

I wanted the rating removed. It is a blemish on my record. Then he began to give me a blanket statement about being a transparent company. My question is transparent for whom?

Obviously not transparent to me, their actual consumer. Yes thumbtak, you lost perspective. You forget who your customer base actually is. Not the people reviewing, they pay no money.

The service is free for them, but us the pros. I spent somewhere between 20-30k last year with this company. That's a lot of money to spend with a company that doesn't value me. They hide behind a motto of transparency, but allow people to review me anonymously, and leave a review with out an explanation.

How is that transparent? Are you even clear on the definition? Moving on, this service rep continued to tell me the only thing that can be done is to call up people and have them log onto the site and post more reviews of me, and bury the one left by this person. How is that transparent?

To me that's shady. You want me to find people, convince them to log onto a site to leave reviews in order to hide this bogus one? Really? You can imagine how upset I am at this point.

After this, I ask to speak with a manager. I get a response of there is only one and he's currently on the phone. Small time operation I guess, only one person in charge. Okay.

.. Two hrs layer I get a call, not from the only make manager I was told about, but a female I believe impersonating a manager. This woman, had gotten me so irate, I lost my professional composure and cursed her out, severely. Yes, it was wrong.

Before it escalated to that point, I had ask again to speak to someone in charge. Now some knowledge about me. I have worked in customer service. For 6 1/2 years previously for a cable company.

So you can imagine I know a little about the workings of a call center atmosphere. 1. There always more than 1 supervisor or manager. It's called escalations.

2. When a person is in customer service, they try to do everything in their power to diffuse the situation not ignite it. I asked this woman, who I really I believe was just a standard rep pretending to be a supervisor to speak to someone else in charge. Her response which is the reason I blew up and the reason I believeshe was lying was: "you have me, I'm all you get.

I'm the one who called you back. You are not speaking to anyone else" So it's finite, no one else! Per her statement, there is no one else I can talk to that won't listen to me, not give me an absurd solution of having others bury this review, or a canned script being recited over to me again and again and again to the point where I wanted to scream. That's thumbtack for you.

Now they deleted my account, and blocked my number from calling them. They have not refunded any money. I believe that eventually this company will either have to drastically change the way it treats it's pros or it go out of business. This is not how you conduct business, you need to show your clients you listen, and address the issues they bring to your attention.

Not just a canned response of, I'm sorry, I'll be sure to make a note of that. I think this could have easily been avoided, if they weren't busy reading scripted response and actually heard what i was saying. This company never listens to the complaints of their consumers, no they are too busy sending me pins, pens, awards and bumper stickers telling me how special i am. ..

but never treated me like it. Sorry for any typos or grammatical errors being I wrote this on my phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Review Listing.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I liked: Exposure it offered.

I didn't like: Way they treat their costumers.

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Would have given 1 star, I wish I could adjust the rating. I thought my not clicking on the the stars would give a zero rating and count against the ones I gave a 2 star for, unfortunately they didn't count at all.

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