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Thumbtack only investigates poor reviews on contractors to see if the reviewer is real and actually had work done by said contractor. I proved I was a real person and sent copies of the invoice to show work was done along with proof of why I was a dissatisfied customer, hence the reason for leaving the 1 star review.

Meanwhile the contractor and his friends can leave 5 star reviews "burying" the bad review and Thumbtack doesn't do a thing about it!! Just look at the dates reviews were left, first review is 1 star, the next four reviews are 5 stars within days of each other when this contractor never had a review before! It's not a rocket science to note the dates; Thumbtack chooses not to verify those but will give the real review of a 1 star review a whole investigation and still find a BS reason to remove the poor review. They don't want to upset a paying contractor!

The contractor can even have the poor review removed with fake documents!

Totally unfair selective practices SO DO NOT TRUST THUMBTACK as it protects deceptive contractors. I will never use Thumbtack again.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

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Per thumbtack, they let you bring your own reviews of jobs you supposedly done before being a member of thumbtack:


Someone made a facebook page where people can post their issues with thumbtack as well:


I've read several complaining about their negative reviews being removed.

I haven't posted my review of the concrete contractor that scammed me yet but talking to thumbtack on the phone, I get the feeling that my negative will be removed if I post one.

If you have facebook, you might post a link to pissedconsumer on the facebook page. (I don't have facebook myself)

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