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I've sent out about 2 dozen "quotes", which has cost me around $40, and have not even received a response, from anyone, about anything.

I stopped including "prices", thinking people might be disinclined to respond when they see what "pro" work costs (I operate a 24-channel ProTools based mobile recording system), and still no responses.

The way the web-site works is nebulous, at best. Seems to me that I shouldn't have to be paying to send a "quote" before I actually know the details of what the potential client is looking for. ANY contact with the client costs you money.

This site is a scam. My profile is nothing but professional, I have a number of examples of my work posted, my web-site is listed, etc, etc, etc. My web-site, which I pretty much only "advertise" via business cards handed out to people I run into, has generated business easier than TT, and cost me significantly less money. (read: I've spent money on TT, no responses).

Like everyone who's finally coming to the realization that TT is a scam, I'm mad. IF their site actually IS legit, they need to do a SERIOUS reworking of their business model, and web-site design. The "logic" behind their site is seriously flawed. Expecting people to spend good money to submit a "quote" when there is virtually no information from the customer as to what their needs are, it's a flawed system.


Monetary Loss: $40.

Location: The Colony, Texas

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Thank you so much for saving me money, I just joined, got the request for payment to submit a quote without enough info to do the service and said to myself what the heck are you charging me for...and Xed out ...it seems to be just a way to ream the small business owner trying to build a great reputation, back to my referral business and looking for more ways to promote, any more similar service websites that are not crooked ?

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