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I am a home remodel contractor/handyman and have over 25 years on the trades. I moved to a new state and needed to find a way to get job leads and advertising so I chose Thumbtack. Now when I began, 3 years ago, you had to purchase credits and use a certain amount of credits to quote on a job. Well, the credits were like $1.67 per credit, or so. Not a bad price at all, even when you do the math, when a job may cost you 10 credits to bid on some jobs ( and they would vary greatly). Totally understandable and affordable. While Thumbtack would inform you, when starting, you may have to bid on approximately 10 jobs before you actually start getting any real jobs, so don't get discouraged. All this still sounds fine And it was working.

Flash forward 3 yrs later: Thumbtack has repeatedly made changes that have made it near impossible to keep track of the money they take from your account. Their prices to bid on a job have skyrocketed to the point of just not being feasible, let alone the scamming. YES, absolutely, without a doubt Scamming. Let me explain, I am on Thumbtack site at 3:30-4:00 in the morning, at times and i see a job that came in 4 minutes ago and already 6 pros got in touch with customer Now, this doesn't seem realistic and when bidding on these they go unanswered for a very long time, then you May get a response that the customer went a different route, if the customer tells you, you've got to pay for that info because Thumbtacks new way of charging is, you pay nothing unless the customer responds to you. The problem is, there was no job, but now you have to pay for that.

Another instance, again about 4am, I am answering an ad for some drywall work and same Instant I took my finger off The send button button I seemed to have gotten a computer generated message stating, "customer decided to go another route". Boom, Another charge. And one of the biggest problems is that my bank account gets constantly hit by Thumbtack at random times not allowing my to make sense or keep track of charges and/or which ones are being charged for and when.

Now, Thumbtacks jobs are approximately $20-$90 To bid on a single job I know I'm not alone which means, while some small businesses are suffering, someone is getting rich, At Our Expense! It's an Absolute mess and A SCAM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Sorry you experienced this. Our Intent: to file a class action lawsuit vs.

Thumbtack for all valid grievances such as: Overpriced lead charges, charging credit/debit cards without service pros consent or prior knowledge of what the lead charge would be, no refund issues stating "the prospect responded" (irregardless of the content of the response) and/or "you made a connection" or "they may use your services in the future" and not pre-qualifying service providers resulting in unacceptable workmanship, no shows, rip-offs etc...TT began with a max of 5 pros allowed to it's up to 15! Those and many more upsets and complaints! Would you like to join us? for more info and updates.

Note: As Per Thumbtack T&C's which you agreed to (probably without reading like I failed to do and almost all os us did) by clicking the AGRRED button when you registered, there is a waiver against a pro participating in a class action lawsuit, but fret not because two legal firms have successfully circumvented that as per Thumbtack's same T&Cs you may legally opt to take them to small claims court. Best Wishes, Thomas R.


Agreed! I refused to enable this stupid auto pro referral because the new platform is not conducive to how we select a job we'd want to work.

Then I was told that there are over 30 "pros" in my category, so if I don't subscribe to this "charge me whenever you want policy", no one will ever see my profile! I was disabled within 24 hours and associated to handyman company that is clearly fraudulent and we are chefs and caterers.

They refuse to give me any information so that I could even follow up with local law enforcement, and my IT guy flat out thinks this woman I argued with tied me to a fraud account when I'd been with Thumbtack for over 4 years. No remediation or way to correct fraud and the bottom line response to me is they have the right to refuse pros at their discretion.


I feel your pain and just submitted the same review. Any company that guarantees a refund but chooses to put it back in their own wallet, is not a refund.

I was getting charges hundreds of dollars a week for services that were not even through my company and still wil not be refunded. very poor company to work with and highly suggest other means of marketing as thumbtack wil not be around for much longer.

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