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Got an estimate from a plumber.Paid him 1/2 up front.

The guy didn't show up 5 times. I reviewed them on Thumbtack to warn other people. Thumbtack contacted me and told me they were taking down my review since the plumber didn't know me. I told them the story and offered proof.

The plumber also lied about getting permits, obtaining the parts, etc. They deleted my review since there was no way I would attempt to 'do business' with the guy after all that. Thumbtack said it was 'their policy'.

Would you trust someone who fails to show up 5 times and lies?

Thumbtack should not be used since they remove negative reviews.I will not use them again and would assume all negative reviews are deleted.

dogbert wrote the review because of problem with delivery at Thumbtack and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Thumbtack to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was lack of accountability. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Westlake Village, California, United States #1223719

I would review the company via a different avenue i.e. Google or another business listing the company may have in order to warn others about your experience..

I have noticed some of my competitors have high ratings when my clients were very displeased with their work and hired me.

They submit fake requests (costing other pros) and even write 5 star reviews for themselves to hide the poor reviews, but wow, I didn't know Thumbtack actually removed the bad ones!

I give only stellar service and I am sorry that this was your experience!

Something has to change on the site soon or I am done buying these fake leads for good!

I actually have been sent proof that employees of Thumbtack are submitting the exact same jobs in different areas..

to Lisa_NC Burbank, California, United States #1258594

they usually don't...i had a man call my phone with the number blocked talking to some girl in the background about luring me into his home being very specific about the work i do and what i looked like then calling 8 more times never speaking to me only at me then refusing to respond to me.

he would call right back if i hung up but he wouldn't leave a voice mail if i didn't answer which let me know he was doing it intentionally for sure. i was scared as a 120ish, sometimes down to 112 unfortunately, girl with an autoimmue disorder that would make me fighting off an attacker very difficult. the calls continued through out the night. all from a blocked number.

i had no way of knowing which bid had done this and who was unsafe. i tried calling my phone company who said to call the police as they wouldn't release the blocked number without a court order. the police told me it would take 30-40 recorded blocked calls from the same person to obtain an order for harassment since my call recording app aparently doesn't record the incoming audio when outbound audio is unmuted (this wasn't a fun way to find that out) and i didn't get the part where he was discussing how he was going to lure me to his home on the primise of doing work for him. i wound up paying a service to route my calls through a 1-800 number that would ring back my line with the number unmasked.

I got a positive match for a lead from thumbtack. I had an appointment with a new client the day after this occurred. I let the guy know around 8 pm that I'd had some rather alarming phone calls and needed to go up to the police station and file a report. I offered to either reschedule or send someone else from my company.

exact wording of my final message of the night to the prospective client

ME: My partner says he could go in my place if that would work better. He is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher as well.

CLIENT: I wish you good luck.

with no further response as to how he'd like to proceed combined with the condescending tone of his prior messages, I took it to mean that he did not want me to come as did my partner. I got to wake up to my first negative review, my second review on the site. The client was angry that I'd not been able to make our appointment despite offering him another technician or another time under such extenuating circumstances.

At that point, I'd just woken up after being at the police station for several hours and worried out of my mind after some of the sick things this guy was saying and telling me to do. I contacted thumbtack to let them know of the situation and offer up the recordings so that they could verify the situation, remove the offending user, and remove the negative review. they initially offered to remove it over the phone then reneged on that in email and chat stating that it was against their policy to alter reviews as they felt it compromised the integrity of their review system. I'd been sexually harassed and someone was literally talking about kidnapping and raping me to someone in the background, and they refused to remove the review of a man who was unwilling to accept another employee of the same company (who actually has over twice the experience as myself)

Oh, but they gave me 20 credits for the problems...

yay, 20 credits..... I've continued using the service as I've needed it desperately for income. I definitely don't have the best of things to say about the company as a whole, but I can't say that the leads are fake. I've gotten some very major clients through there that will be leading to some amazing referrals.

It just took a few months of wasting money quoting on people looking for the cheapest price rather than something to be done well. The wording for the quotes has taken tweaking as well. The idea of templates is pretty much terrible as they don't have blank fields designed into the templates like I would personally do if I were setting up a template system. I'm pretty sure what I'm annoyed at most (aside from people who look and never hire) is the amount of junk labeled as remote work that can not possibly be done remotely.

I've even suggested to customer service how they could eliminate the problem in my field.

It would be a 10-15 minute TOPS addition to the code for the customer input form using an if/then statement.if hardware/computer won't turn on/can't connect to the internet + this can be done over the phone or internet then prompt "are you sure this can be done remotely?"

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