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Read the small print if there is any.I have been using Thumbtack for over 6 months now.

I have been able to bid and get many jobs. I had the customers send in reviews if they liked my work. Thumbtack sent me an option to get a seal of approval from them by paying for a background check. Although I do not remember signing anything, they claim that I signed a paper agreeing to the conditions of the background check.

This turned out to be if you have had any record at all they would not give you the seal of approval. I do not recall seeing this paper at all. The wa an enhanced report and what they found was a conviction of theft unger $500.00 over 13 years ago. To my surprise they deactivated and closed my account.

I was already in the process of working with some potential clients. I had all my reviews everything gone just like that. The thing that makes no sense is that I had already worked for many customers before this background check. There are many service professionals working under Thumbtack that have no background check.

I do not get it. Whiy do they not do a background check before they let you quote jobs and get work. Not after 6 months and the building of a business with them.

I hope that those people that I was in the middle of working with will still contact me and listen to what I have to say.

Reason of review: paying for a background check.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Either make everyone do a background check before sending quotes and getting jobs or change policy for older convictions that a person did so many years ago.People do make mistakes and do stay out of trouble..


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Hilmar, California, United States #1315399

Yes that is my real name and yes I have had the same problem that you have had and I am still facing that problem today.I have a twist to mine though.

For more info contact me and I can share what is going on. Just yesterday I completed a small job that I got from Thumbtack ($1200) and the client was very happy and I told them the best thing that they could do for me is leave me a good review and pictures also. When they went to find me I have been "Deactivated" AGAIN!

I have made a lot of money from Thumbtack and have done some of my best work for clients through this business but they just like me have some kinks they need to work out.THUMBTACK IF YOU READ THIS, LETS GET THINGS GOING!


The person who I hired from thumbtack is a felon (or his is lying to me).But that would be a strange lie to tell someone.

He claims to have been in prison multiple times, for assault.

I was actually concerned that Thumbtack had not done a basic background check.

West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #1211799

Yep this is bull ***..2 guy tried to rob me in jersey and i got Agg assult over 13 years ago for defending myself beyond what they deemed as necessary.

I smashed a bottle over the one guys head after they cornered me.Now i've been booted from every one of these sites.

West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #1211796

They did the same thing to me..Home advisor is now doing a 25 year background check...

A freaking life sentence.This in my opinion is total discrimination

Taylors, South Carolina, United States #1180881

I signed up for Thumbtack and within seconds (30 seconds after the Welcome email), I got an email saying my account was frozen due to having to have a background check.I wasn't really surprised as my identity was stolen a couple of years ago and I put an alert so anytime anyone pulls my social for any reason it flags it.

Well then I get a notice that I wasn't approved....uh...LOL. What? I'm a Navy veteran with an honorable discharge and zero criminal history. So I log in to look at this "report".

I see a record of when I had a traffic ticket while I was passing through Charlotte 3 years ago and forgot to pay on time and had to go pay in person my next time in town in person (the record even says "Cleared"). I never had a warrant or did one minute in jail... So....I can't promote my business because of a TRAFFIC TICKET?

LOL.What a joke.


They just did me the same way.They sent me a email stating that I had to do a background check or be removed, but they also state it's optional.

I'm very confused.

I feel I'm being discriminated against and and going to get a lawyer.I'm sure one of my competitors on the site had something to do with them deactivating my account but I'm going to get to the bottom of it if it's the last thing I do.


I'm also a business owner operator that use thumbtack, I've used them for about five or six years now, but I have my phone number on the ad, everything seemed fine until I got about 6 feedbacks, then thumbtack was contacting me via phone, wanting me to do a background check, I totally blew them off since I didn't want to pay for it and I wasn't getting that much work off of thumbtack, boy did theuy screw my ad I had on there up, deleting work pictures I had and constantly changing and deleteing my phone number. all I want is money for you to pay for the little stars, I think of all the times I've bid on work and paid for it and never got my money back when I didn't get to work. this company seriously needs to be audited.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1183062

I spent over 50,000 with thumbtack I pass my background check and they won't reactive my account for someone reason my account was link with someone esle account and they have a record.

to Anonymous Hilmar, California, United States #1315403

This is what I am going through right now.

to Joseph Cabral #1422291

Me too!23 years in business without a complaint and now this:

Upon checking, your account was linked to ".........." Contractors, LLC that has been removed from our platform.

Because of the association between your account...

"........" had hired me to work for them for over 4 years without a problem and then late in 2016 I waited 6 month to get paid..so evidently I'm now paying for someone else that they have wronged?

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