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Pricing was OK. Problem is that he kept changing the terms of the contract.

We agreed on a date and time for him to come out and give a quote, then after we agreed on time &;;;;;; place he demanded a $50 fee to give quote. When I complained that Ive been getting lots of quotes for no fee he said hed give a quote remotely if I sent photos and details. I sent him photos and detailed information on what I needed and he then sent quote and I said the price was OK. Then he sent contract for me to sign with a demand for 30% deposit, sight unseen without me ever meeting him.

Again I complained that he was changing the terms of the contract after the fact, and 30% is pretty steep price sight unseen. Then he demanded that I send deposit via Zelle to a third party who had nothing to do with our agreement. I told him that paying him that way gave me no protection, that his approach felt like ongoing bait & switch, that I wasnt comfortable giving my money to a third party sight unseen, and pre-paying such a high deposit seemed unreasonable. He essentially said tough, thats the way I always do it, take it or leave it.

I did not sign contract with him and found a more reasonable pro who charged less and no deposit. I told him repeatedly changing the agreement was bad business.

My complaint with Thumbtack is that when I called to voice the above concerns, with my very direct question - do you guarantee that your pros will do the contracted job and if the pro fails to show up & do the job, do you guarantee I'll get my money back. The answer should be very simple. However, what I got was "We will assign a team to investigate the matter and they will do what they can to resolve the problem".

To which I again asked, if they take my money, and don't show up & do the job, do you guarantee I'll get my money back.

Then I got another obfuscation, saying (paraphrased) "we don't deal with how our pros get paid or what methods they use to bill, we provide the lead to projects, and then we try to help resolve the issues". So, the answer should have been more straight forward, like so: "No, we don't guarantee you'll get your money back, we will simply 'try' to help you resolve the issue", or "Yes, we have a money back guarantee, but it will require that we investigate the matter and if the circumstances show the customer did not get what was promised, we will make them whole".

In this case, neither the "pro" or "Thumbtack" wanted to take responsibility, even for cases of fraud, misrepresentation, bait & switch, or other unprofessional acts undelivered results that were promised.

best is to lay it out up front.

User's recommendation: Don't sign anything until all questions are answered to your satisfaction. Beware of changes to agreements made after verbal acceptance is made, but before signing written agreements.

Location: Quincy, Washington

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