For all you Pros out there who have been taken for a ride. I am filing a class-action lawsuit today with my attorney.

Whoever would like to join me please email me at copythatco@***.com. Let's sue the pants off of this scamming organization and try to save our small businesses everybody!!!! I have been working as an office equipment pro for almost 3 months now. At first business was incredible.

The money was rolling in and I moved into a larger office thinking this is my shot to the top. Not! Now I get service calls that are a hundred miles away or more. I am being played.

I also had to load a disposable card to keep them from billing me at will with no explanation. Now I have to sell off most of my copy machines and printers just to pay my business lease.

I have been a copier engineer for 27 years and have never been treated and scammed out of my money like this ever!! The time has come to take Thumbtack down people!!

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For me it's simple. It's unethical to charge multiple times for a failed lead. Only confirmed leads should be charged, or at least not full rate.

@Aquila Rzz

If thats a way to do it I was a good customer and they dropped me cold no warning and couldnt just put me on hold and discussed it they wouldnt tell me why and i cant use it to recieve any service either


what are some good alternatives to thumbtack? can we take our business elsewhere in waves?

@Natania Enl

You heard of Google "it"?


How about the following instead of whining and complaining here about corrupt and quite apparent fraudulent Thumbtack: File online a complaint with the FTC File online a complaint with the FCC File online a complaint with the FBI (IC3) File a complaint with your Atty. Gen.

File a complaint with any suitable agency or office in your state If there are enough complaints is possible something starts moving! Whining and complaining here will not change a thing!


Yes I filed a complaint for their customer service being completely utterly dishonest and abusive toward there are five star pros and not taking any responsibility for abuse and what they do to people that are dedicated hard-working are professionals/ I was lied too brutally by a customer service rep and I had 28 five star reviews and I reacted are very strongly toward the person that lied to me the next day I was abruptly taken off the saying they refused to hear my side of the story and told me I was warned before I never received the email I went back in my emails on a different account and found some email about another customer service rep that was a man that was very abusive toward me and I did not react in a in a favorable way either these people that are running this company their customer service is the corrupt culprit


I might have been banned by one odd klient that was unfair. I wonder why they cut off my livelihood S i enjoyed the ability of the ad to add things i can create and be helpfull to serve others


Last two years we've just been getting ripped off, get absolutely no response on any of the leads we pay for. HVAC contractor.


I have done some investigating on my last 10 to 15 leads and none are legit and I've paid a lot being a struggling small business and thumbtack said they reviewed and claimed They didn't warrant a refund. Every lead I payed for was bogus and the people didn't want any service nor request info on service. They have sold fake leads under false pretenses and that's theft .


Thumbtack has gone ape *** I just turned down an "opportunity" on a lead who was on a budget of $300.00 - $400.00. Lead had no quotes sent.

Why did it not get any quotes? Thumbtack was charging $69.00.

for the lead. Please put these people out of business.


Yes .....I have seen it go from $1.69 a credit in 2013/14 and it would cost 3 credits back then to quote on a WATER HEATER INSTALLATION ....as of today 04/27/2020 ....the cost to quote on the same job is $89.00 .....


Thumbtack is not owned by home advisor thumbtack is in partnership with Google it is a very huge corporate business now so all your little complaints are not going to do anything they’re legitimate situations in business but what the biggest complaint that anybody should make is their customer service purposely lying to customers to frustrate and agitate them so that they can make them angry and miserable that is unhealthy business practices and that’s what happened to me and Unfortunately I swore at the person and they knocked me off the site/ The company is arrogant and dishonest and yes they are doing dishonest business practices and eventually somebody is going to have a legitimate lawsuit but these comments are not really going to bring a real lawsuit against thumbtack personally I know that when they lied to me I was dealing with a lot of stuff and I couldn’t take one more lie from one more person I cannot believe that a customer service person would lie to me purposely just to get me angry that is bad business practices and I hope that guy got fired but I bet you any amount of money he did not get fired!!


I would like to be apart of the law suite cindamae888@***.com please send me information on how who to contact on this matter Time these thieves pay back the monies the stole.


Obviously there is no lawsuits. Advise everyone everywhere you can to stay away this ripoff company.

Post everywhere you can. File a case with the Better Business Bureau.

Post complaints on Yelp. Time to bring this company to its knees.

@Daphnee Rbq

The FBI shall look into this as well. Write the AG as well.


What happen, atleast what I think/ heard. Home advisor bought out thumbtack. That’s why it’s all ***


IAC owns Home Advisor and Angie's List, but no, HA did not buy Thumbtack. If you're tired of paying for leads, I would stick with Angie's List. They have a better reputation and have a flat rate to advertise your services.


Add me to the list too. They have decided to deactivate my 3 business profiles because they say they have uncovered my association with a contractor they have had problems with.

They said they have no problem with me personally or my businesses and will reinstate my business profiles once I get in contact with the contractor they have an issue with and get him to call them and resolve the problem. Meanwhile they won't tell me what the problem is even about.

@Tonie Rom

This is exactly what happened to me


I would like to join this law suit as well

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