For all you Pros out there who have been taken for a ride. I am filing a class-action lawsuit today with my attorney.

Whoever would like to join me please email me at copythatco@***.com. Let's sue the pants off of this scamming organization and try to save our small businesses everybody!!!! I have been working as an office equipment pro for almost 3 months now. At first business was incredible.

The money was rolling in and I moved into a larger office thinking this is my shot to the top. Not! Now I get service calls that are a hundred miles away or more. I am being played.

I also had to load a disposable card to keep them from billing me at will with no explanation. Now I have to sell off most of my copy machines and printers just to pay my business lease.

I have been a copier engineer for 27 years and have never been treated and scammed out of my money like this ever!! The time has come to take Thumbtack down people!!

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What happen, atleast what I think/ heard. Home advisor bought out thumbtack. That’s why it’s all ***


IAC owns Home Advisor and Angie's List, but no, HA did not buy Thumbtack. If you're tired of paying for leads, I would stick with Angie's List. They have a better reputation and have a flat rate to advertise your services.


Add me to the list too. They have decided to deactivate my 3 business profiles because they say they have uncovered my association with a contractor they have had problems with.

They said they have no problem with me personally or my businesses and will reinstate my business profiles once I get in contact with the contractor they have an issue with and get him to call them and resolve the problem. Meanwhile they won't tell me what the problem is even about.


This is exactly what happened to me


I would like to join this law suit as well


They stole money from me and I completely stayed away from that fraud company They sent me bogus leads and charged me for them


Awesome thank goodness


Yes please, let me know how to get on board of this lawsuit. I have been screwed very badly by this scammers. Thanks


What about customers who have been screwed by Thumbtack.......


What became of this case? I am super interested to know because I have thought about this myself.

I have actual proof of fake leads, and the word of some of the people, whose name's they have used. Some of them, now get this, were not even in the United States at the time. Some have even died tragically in automobile accident's, and that is just so wrong.

How would you feel, if someone was using your son or daughter's name, in order to scam people of their money. I sure would not take it lightly!


Really really over them taking my money to Ben with for 3yrs


I agree


The only reason I keep my Thumbtack open is because most of my reviews are on Thumbtack and I provide the link to potential customers, mostly from Bark, whose prices are very reasonable. I checked their customer reviews, just out of curiosity.

The first 2 were 5-star.

The rest were all 1-star. The only reason they got 1-star, is because the rating does not offer 0-star as an option.


you are so right there a scam


Add me sofiaelwinphotos@***.com


Add me to the list. Hecthetech@***.com NY pissed off photographer scammed with fake leads. Lost over $400 using them and bidding on fake adds being answered by paid help from THUMBTACK


I year and a half old so I'm not going to hold my breath. But I KNOW they hire people to create fake accounts to respond to our bids so we pay fees to Thumbtack and then we never get any business from it.

I've had people mark me as hired who NEVER even communicated with me at all. I've had some respond to my bid and it was OBVIOUS that they didn't even read it at all. So I paid Thumbtack fees for no business on those either. I've had a few contact me, set up an appointment, then cancel the appointment 1 - 2 hours before it and then NEVER contact me again.

I am an alternative health practitioner and you just can't do that. You don't do it to your doctor without paying for a wasted appointment and you can't do it to us either.

I actually accused them of this and they closed my account because of it. lol


Posted May 7 2018 All talk and no action! emailed as per provided address 3x, no reply! Loser!


I will join they want your account info so they can just take as much as they want .


The company grew too fast and they have arrogant obnoxious customer service reps that lie left and right to people just for the fun of it that is what their problem is all the rest is somewhat legitimate a lot of these things that they’ve done is legitimate but the problem is if their customer service is an arrogant nasty lying dishonest group of people especially the males that work there

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