For all you Pros out there who have been taken for a ride. I am filing a class-action lawsuit today with my attorney.

Whoever would like to join me please email me at copythatco@***.com. Let's sue the pants off of this scamming organization and try to save our small businesses everybody!!!! I have been working as an office equipment pro for almost 3 months now. At first business was incredible.

The money was rolling in and I moved into a larger office thinking this is my shot to the top. Not! Now I get service calls that are a hundred miles away or more. I am being played.

I also had to load a disposable card to keep them from billing me at will with no explanation. Now I have to sell off most of my copy machines and printers just to pay my business lease.

I have been a copier engineer for 27 years and have never been treated and scammed out of my money like this ever!! The time has come to take Thumbtack down people!!

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I was top pro for 10 years they closed my business on it suddenly with no notice


Put me in been using since 2015 and I have proof of fake leads and just fed up with their price gouging.


Hello can I still get on the lawsuit


I has been scammed by this company for over 6 years. Finally cut them 2 years ago.


I want in. I am a.prrsonal chef with similar problems


I am interested in doing something about thumbtack, please let me know how I can help


They deleted my account after years of being top pro nothings sacred


Mine too poof deleted. They spy(?? Was top pro 10 yrs in app ) ?


This company charges you for everything whether you get the job or not you pay it. So you cant put your credit card in as payment.it gets very expensive should only pay for the jobs you get.not every job they send you


The person I hired on there to clean my house killed my pet! I will be suing them!!


I'm with you all the way I had several charges without authorization taken off of my card also and no contact or no explanation no way to contact them for several weeks one day they even claimed it was a holiday and it wasn't but yeah I definitely feel scammed by thumbtack


Hey email me at solofalladin@***.com I am with you 100% they are big time crooks


Whats your story they just deleted my account wouldnt tell me why


My account was deactivated because they said an email was tied to another account which is a lie. I have lost mt reviews and contacts! contact me at jbobeck11@***.com if anyone is suing!


There is NO class action suit! nothing was ever done to get any justice for the REAL things thumbtack has done to people/ I have a legitmate complaint that is real the rest / noone has solid proof when you do please by all means contact me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They deactivated my account after 10 yrs being a top pro and in covid season


I was deleted off thumbtack after many years i was top pro in my trade i was a great customer with great reviews They would not tell me why (!? Built a ton of good reviews and relied on it for a good 35 to 40 percent of my income I had pneumonia last march and covid came along. Im permanently banned nothing reasonable Never knew reason they got more expensive as i answered a lot and only saw.a few It balanced out but now i cant reach them and they arent reasonable at all


Please let me get on any lawsuit with thumbtack. I've had over 300 reviews and deleted me out of nowhere

@Chibi Moon

I want to get in on the lawsuit! jbobeck11@***.com I have been deactivated for no reason.


Same here, they are scamming us with false leads.

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