For all you Pros out there who have been taken for a ride. I am filing a class-action lawsuit today with my attorney.

Whoever would like to join me please email me at copythatco@***.com. Let's sue the pants off of this scamming organization and try to save our small businesses everybody!!!! I have been working as an office equipment pro for almost 3 months now. At first business was incredible.

The money was rolling in and I moved into a larger office thinking this is my shot to the top. Not! Now I get service calls that are a hundred miles away or more. I am being played.

I also had to load a disposable card to keep them from billing me at will with no explanation. Now I have to sell off most of my copy machines and printers just to pay my business lease.

I have been a copier engineer for 27 years and have never been treated and scammed out of my money like this ever!! The time has come to take Thumbtack down people!!

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Sign me up if the lawsuit is still on. My email is grosebob18@***.com


Please sing me in the lawsuit they charge my debit over $1000 in just a few days it's insane, my email address is cristinarodriguezlasvegas@*****.com chocolate drink after@


That's California for you they suck. They sit in there big houses and figure out how to *** people.


I am ready to participate in this lawsuit. They deduct my money without my approval. I cannot reach anyone via phone, and they refuse to refund when I write them.


Hi, I would like to join in the lawsuit. I am a brand new life coach and I was told I won't get charged unless I book a client.

Low and behold, I was charged for someone reaching out to me and then declined to book my services. When I reached out to thumbtack, they kept declining my refund and kept sending me automated replies. This is unfair and illegal.

I need my money back. and Thumbtack needs to be stopped!


Same here!!!


I would like to join, James 801604**** Pride painting , please contact , power in numbers to hold toxic law breaking companies held accountable.


Please call or text 619-647-**** I got many problems with them as well


I want in! who do I talk to!?!?!?


I'm in capicorn1978@***.com. If you can't see after @ then just think about the chocolate drink.

Lol that's the ending of my email. I want to sue them so bad. I have to pay for leads that I don't even want.

It's my money I should pick and choose. They are crooks.


Im starting to notice issues as well. I just had a lead specifically request me yet another company called them first.

Which means that other company was billed as well and yes I still got the job. But also been noticing price gauging on leads too.


How do I join? the email is blocked?


I am 1000% in! Cant see your email but please contact me asap.

Thumbtack are crooks. Liesyl@***.com


Send me an email Blindboot23rad@***.com I signed up to teach guitar piano clarinet and voice lessons on thumbtack, never acquired one single student.. and was charged THOUSANDS of dollars in fees by thumbtack.

This company ruined my life and destroyed my career as a music teacher after I studied for 7 years to earn my college degree. If there was a way to burn down their headquarters i would be 100 percent on board.


Thumbtack is a scam. They said you don’t pay unless someone responds to your lead. Instead I’ve gotten charged 3 times for direct leads that I wasn’t interested in.


Ive gotten 9 leads in 1 day. Im a service plumber. There is no way in *** 1 guy can run 9 calls in a day.


they closed my acc and i've been with them since 2015. they have someone eles name on my acc. they won't pick up the phone or write me back.they bill me for leads i never got or quote.my email is (damanedodd@***.com) let get them close down


I'm in!!


I was a top exceptional pro up until three days ago. They de activated my account without notice or providing reason or violation. All 144 reviews are 5 stars.


Did you get into it with a customer service rep? Because their team is full of deceitful dishonest individuals that will do you in and just email you the following day to tell you that you were deplatformed for unprofessional behavior or something to that affect. If they feel you have not been an asset to them financially they do not care about what you have to say either.

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