got contractor's name and recommendation from your website as an experienced and reliable deck builder. Paid him $4,600, did not complete the project, did not return phone calls, did not return emails.

found he is no longer a licensed contractor in PA. filed a detailed complaint with attorney general of PA. constantly gave excuses for missed promises of delivery. completely untrustworthy.

did do some work, nowhere near what he was paid. Bradley Howell is the person I dealt with, president of the company. contract was signed on may 10, 2014, still uncompleted.

job should have taken no more than a week.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Website.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Location: Palmerton, Pennsylvania

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Brad Howell is not an honest man nor is he a reputable contractor.

Brad Howell is Dishonest, Unskilled and Unreliable.


Brad ask me to post on this site because he has remodeled my basement built bookcases also built a beautiful shed over my generators to protect them from the elements.He is a hardworking family man and has been effected by these unmonitored false claims.Just call me if you would like to talk.610 203 **** STEVE


The contractor has resolved this issue the decking was back ordered aldo the project is completed the deck pictures can be seen on the builder facebook page.


This site is an un monitored robot preying on small to medium businesses.I actually worked with Brad for years and this is very unfortunate that this may effect his business.Just Google the complaints about pissed consumer to see for yourself.


Just google the multitude of complaints on Brad Howell.


The Facebook page is Howell Builders and Remodelers the deck is Tuscan Cherry scan thru toward the bottom of the pictures.


I'm not surprised you had a bad experience. I'm a professional who used to get leads through Thumbtack.

I posted my state license number and Thumbtack said they verified it, but there was no way to tell. I also paid extra for a background check. Posting a license number is completely voluntary and a background check is optional.

There's nothing to stop so-called professionals from saying whatever they want. It ruins it for the rest of us, the legitimate contractors out there who are looking for real work.

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