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I was hired to perform pro photography for a wedding by one family, and family portraits by another, and both customers flaked on me. I spent $189 on bid credits and got 0 jobs through Thumbtack, even though I had three 5-star reviews from previous customers right off...
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Thumbtack Photography Leads
I liked
  • Possibility of this being a good source for job leads
  • Concept
I didn't like
  • Ripping off professionals
  • No accountability for people who hire and price of bid credits
  • Cost of credits

Thumbtack is a SCAM
I wanted to believe Thumbtack wasn't a scam. Last night, I was all set to close a website design deal. All of a sudden my client is asking to send me $2,000 extra dollars if I'll only forward money to a third party for him. I blocked his phone numbered and turned down...
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Thumbtack Photography Leads