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Ive been consulting for over 5 years, have used other sites to bid on work. This is the only site that I have bid on over 30 projects and didn't receive an email or call for any one of my bids.

Read that again 0 calls on over 30 bids. They dont provide enough information about the project. I think its because they are making it all up, so the less they describe, the less they have to make up. On top of that, they charge your credit card without notifying you.

They have scammed me out of $338.00. I'm going to dispute the charges and put together a class action lawsuit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Bidding.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Thumbtack Cons: Lack of information.

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Please sign me up. I have emails proving they are miss leading pros and not refunding money.


Please sign up , I need to be part of this . This big scam has to end .email me


call me 816 665 5544 im interested in chatting i am a 4.5 star rated contractor and work my *** off only to get ripped off


Email me if you are. I have a problem with them too.


I contacted Thumbtack today regarding a few customers that either marked us as hired (no responses to the messages, follow up, etc), replied to us with their quick reply options (again, no responses to the messages, follow up, etc), and either called us through their discreet phone message system (not the customers actual number, but a temp number) - I simply request a refund today for a customer named Bruce Shutan ... Bruce replied to our quote the following - "Appreciate the quote...".

$75 charged ! We sent follow up messages over and over and over again. No reply from Bruce. I contacted Thumbtack to request a refund because it's not fair to me to be charged for a THANK YOU message.

Their reply was that it shows the customer interested and therefore the charge is valid. WTF ! I chatted with them about this for over 20 minutes to no avail. But ironically, about an hour after my long and intensive conversation, "Bruce" replies to my follow up message if he's still in need of services - "No, I'm good, but thanks for checking in." SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Let's do this.

I want my refund, plus damages for wasted capital invested in them to get bot leads.

Shut them down! ""


I am Deborah Brooks of Deborah Brooks Design, Thumbtack has taken the business away from many pros by false leads, and overcharging for leads, sending 15 designers to 1 lead at a time rather than the 3 to 5 they were sending. Their prices have increased per lead from $10 to $15.00, now to $50.00.

These are impossible numbers and an impossible situation. I have been in Sales and Design for over 15 years this is not how it works.

I have virtually lost my business, in my opinion they owe me about $100,000 in leads that were paid for and lost business.


I would absolutely be in on this. I am a new user but I was charged $23 for one quote, over a stupid question the guy asked that could’ve been answered if he looked at what I had written.

It overdrafted me in the bank, which charged me an additional $37. I have no money whatsoever and that is why I signed up for Thumbtack in the first place! $5 is doable. But $23!?

For “do you work digitally or pencil?” when most of my displayed work was DIGITAL!

This has made me so sad. My email is

@Danielle C

*or just pencil?” Oh and please note I was notified NOWHERE of the overdraft until the $37 had been posted to my account.


How can I be a part of the lawsuit? I shut my thumbtack app down 3 months ago and just checked my credit card account and it has multiple charges on it for referrals I never even knew I had. I was also under the impression I had to accept a referral to be charged for it.It looks like they got about $500 out of me.


I've used them periodically for a few years and suspected it was a scam but my bid fees just tripled without notice. Sign me up.


Would love to be part of this - thumbtack has screwed me over multiple


I would live to be apart of a class action lawsuit with them as well.


I would like to be apart of this also

#1482053 - Would like to join any pending Class Action against Thumbtack


I’m in! Count me in!!!


I have been a professional on thumbtack for a little over two years and have spent a ridiculous amount of money for the small amount of jobs that I have actually gotten off of there and now it has gotten worse if anybody starting a class action suit I would be more than happy to jump on board with that


I've spent $500 in 3 months, not one job, and we work all the time. Its definitely very suspect, so few clients bother to reply. Lawyer needed!


Is there anything that needs to be signed! I’m ready to get this in motion


You'll win because I just collected a settlement from them.


I totally agree! Same thing happens to me and many other people.

Plus I think who the heck is posting at midnight-1am about remodel work?

I’ve written dozens of “jobs” and only been hired 8 times. Most of the ones I write are very close to where I live and fit my skill level.

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