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I have been using Thumbtack for about 3 months, have spent probably $ 300.00 in credits, and am starting to think the whole thing is a SCAM.

Sure, I have gotten a few legitimate customers, but I seriously doubt the authenticity of some of these "requests"...more like ginning-up contractors to spend their money quoting on non-existent work.

I personally have sent out quotes for $1 asking the customer to contact me about the job for a more detailed quote...and I get NOTHING...no response...no calls...no emails...NOTHING.

Sent out a quote to cut a lawn for $10 the other day...NO RESPONSE.

Contractors that use Thumbtack should have their credits refunded if they don't get hired...and contractors should also have a way to check these "jobs" for authenticity. Customers should have to provide a phone number so that the contractor has the option of a follow-up call...and also to check-up on the "reality" of the situation.


This person wrote the review because of not as described at Thumbtack. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Thumbtack to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was unfair exploited prices to submit bids, fraudulent customers and leads and no direct contact info after i purchase leed. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I am the Top Pro for aquarium maintenance in South Florida and I totally agree with the person above. They're taking our hard earned money and profiting off of it.

If all the leads are real I have zero issue with it but so many people post requests and it goes absolutely nowhere.

My profile is head and shoulders above the competition and even though I still get some good real customers 60 to 70% I believe are false. Of course the prices for leads seem like they go up monthly now


ATTN Thumbtack EMPLOYEES!!! (((...PLEASE READ THIS...))) If you are an employee of THUMBTACK please make sure you are looking into the laws of complicity andextra careful in how you word things over the phone.

With all of the poor reviews of Thumbtack barreling in by the masses please make sure you are keeping a very good, credible and thorough alaby, travel and expense log that can be accounted for by an occasional witness.

This seems like a lot of work and that's only 1 small example of the measures an individual should go through just to make sure he/she is protected from a criminal type case where the Thumbtack employee could be accused of being complacent during an attempt to fraudulently dupe their own customers. Be super carefull selecting a radius and/or a route that best fits your whereabouts keep your radius manageable and traceable if the need ever arises...


I also feel scammed by Thumbtac, I have had some legitimate customers, however I feel I have experienced fake leads as well and unspecified charges, some charges for just passing on jobs.....in very dissapointed with the services they provide


I agree with this post.


I can confirm it's a scam, unfortunately. I had another photographer who was bidding on jobs (during the day, for a percentage of the booking), and she brought to my attention that she was seeing the very same jobs posting, but that I was being charged more, each and every time. We're in the same market, and have the same background.



How do we get our money back?

to Jane Daniel #1556748

Pos company... FACT!


I have been analyzing the leads that come over, and maybe 1 in 10 is an actual person. The thing is there is no review or historical value on the person bidding so anyone can create a quote and float it.

Out of curiosity, I created a fake account sent a fake response embedded that the person should not bid, just to see if there were any safeguards.

None. I think thumbtack is taking people for a ride.

to Bill #1497708

I felt the same way. Charging outrageous fees for fake leads


TT does not monitor the requests coming in properly. On 9/13/17 I received 5 similar videography requests with the name changed a bit and the city location.

It was blindingly obvious this hoax passed thru the system. I phoned TT to no avail, with a whiny lame excuse of it takes a day or so to find the fraud requests. I asked to speak w/ a manager and the rep said they do not accelerate phone issues to supervisors. He would have the information passed along.

I guess another misguided corporate approach, if I wanted to vent to higher ups it should happen.

I am done with TT, after a couple years and prob $2K+ spent for two jobs.

My info and website is professional so I take little of the blame for lack of work. I feel someone, somewhere is feeding the system with fake requests and TT has no way monitor or seem to care.


I am beginning to believe that Thumbtack has a fraudulent lean, where phony requests are allowed to be published. Unknowingly or not it costs plenty people a consistent dribbling of dollars looking for work.

I just now received 5 requests all from the same individual for the same price point but different cities. Then I noticed an exact request but different sender name, everything else is as the other four.

My experience is I bid often, get little if any responses. Get a few looks but only a couple folks answer a follow-up email.

I have been sub consciously suspicious now even more so.

If anyone has news, facts or ideas on civil suit I would be interested in joining. I am quitting TT and will send this note to them as my reason why.

to michael P #1370644

Yep, computer generated (or staff created) requests.

I see them all the time!

(I have lots of proof also)

Sometimes they use the same names but different sized homes (yeah right, like people have more than one)


Also allows competitors to submit fake requests, see our messages/prices, leave a review on their own profile (the same day) and they look the other way I have contacted them tons of times about this (with proof) They.Don't.Give.A.Fudge!

Santa Rosa, California, United States #1324815

I believe I was one of the first of maybe 4 building contractors on thumbtack back when it was absolutely free. I have landed 2 jobs 1 was when it was free and one I payed for.

Now I have responded to about 30 leads not one email,phone call or follow up .

I predicted this to my wife once they started charging. Done with them just like bidclerk.


I have the same concerns, no longer accepting leads from Thumbtack.


I have submitted them to the FBI to be evaluated.

Wilsonville, Oregon, United States #1245913

Man do i ever agree with you.

I'll also add this.

If a quote isn't viewed we are supposed to be refunded for it. I've received one refund out of four dozen sent.

The other problem i have is that most of the real customers are so cheap that they haggle every thing. This not only hurts business but it makes me not even want to do business through Thumbtack.

One thing which really *** me off are the constant emails saying redeem your 18 free credits now, yet when i click on the link it doesn't give me anything. All it does is take me to the store to purchase credits.

It's also funny that the credit prices fluctuate a lot.

I'm fed up with this scam.

to Vision503 #1272206

What a scam don't do it I just tried them again for a second time hoping they were not as bad as they were the first time and they were fortunately only wasted around twenty bucks absolute worst company out there not only do they take your money but they pretend as though their customers to keep working on your money absolutely something needs to be done about these people

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1229731

I have been thinking the same thing. I quote $1 and get nothing. NOTHING!

Stockbridge, Georgia, United States #1229363


I worked as a painter for Thumbtack and always got these request that seemed authentic but they never amounted to anything profitable when I sent quotes to them (Sellers are charged to send quotes). Frustrated I started researching other sites that could help me get to where I needed and found a site called Ucannett.com. It is a FREE site that does not charge you to send quotes to customers. The only thing they charge is a commission AFTER you are paid.

On top of other things that make this site wayyyyyyy better. It is at least worth your time checking out.

I'll be working through them for now on.

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