I have been using Thumbtack for about 3 months, have spent probably $ 300.00 in credits, and am starting to think the whole thing is a SCAM.

Sure, I have gotten a few legitimate customers, but I seriously doubt the authenticity of some of these "requests"...more like ginning-up contractors to spend their money quoting on non-existent work.

I personally have sent out quotes for $1 asking the customer to contact me about the job for a more detailed quote...and I get NOTHING...no response...no calls...no emails...NOTHING.

Sent out a quote to cut a lawn for $10 the other day...NO RESPONSE.

Contractors that use Thumbtack should have their credits refunded if they don't get hired...and contractors should also have a way to check these "jobs" for authenticity. Customers should have to provide a phone number so that the contractor has the option of a follow-up call...and also to check-up on the "reality" of the situation.


Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Thumbtack Cons: Unfair exploited prices to submit bids, Fraudulent customers and leads, No direct contact info after i purchase leed.

Location: Haines City, Florida

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Totally a scam. Although there are some real leads, for my business I was getting a ton of fake leads that required me to pay a fee to contact the person.

Several left out of state numbers to call and when I did it sounded like someone was overseas and the person who answered was not the person who contacted me.

Deleted my account. Terrible scammers.


I feel the leads have to be fake...I never get responses to my quotes...I have sent over 100...my profile and sites that are linked to it are set up perfectly with portfolios...still no responses. Once you take your card off they begin to flood you with the fake leads. I have caught the system sending me leads/opportunities with the same name in different locations with the same exact details.


Yeah the same thing happens to me...I honestly think majority of the leads are fake.


I had the SAME issue! What can we do? I want my money back.


I’m having the same issue I’ve spent near $200. To only have the pleasure of servicing only 4 of my leads.


I’ve had the same experience. I contacted all the time by leads wanting my services.

After I pay for the lead by responding I never hear anything back. Ever.


Agree 100%


Very true. A lot of fake leads on thumbtack.

Some are real. Half are fake Di not promote your business on there


I agree. A substantial amount of leads seem to be fake.


I agree. Nothing but EXPENSIVE false leads that amount to nothing.

I have also notice that most come in on Friday and Sunday afternoons, but no one ever responds to me. I did have a real lead once that panned out, but that was only one time since 2013. The rest NEVER respond to me, yet my Craigslist ads do, and 95% of the time when I speak with people I get a job.

Not so with Thumbtack. I spent more on fake leads than I made on that one job.


They charge you even when you decline a lead. And I have had so many cheesy fake leads that don't seem real. I can't imagine someone out there is doing this for fun, I think Thumbtack is doing it and agree with all the comments here.....they are stealing.




I’m deleting my account. No good comes from this app.

I’m also placing a block in my debit card and filing a disputed against thumbtack for a refund.

What an inconvenience. Never never again.


Just flat out crooks...


My company signed on as a Thumbtack "Pro" last year. We were suspicious of some of the strangely worded leads that would come in at 3:00 AM, all supposedly from businesses located in a small residential town in our metropolitan area with less than 1% of the area's population.

My guess is that they were computer generated. A little research showed that the businesses were not existent.

We closed our Thumbtack account and have never regretted doing so. The one thing Thumbtack does very well is to drain small businesses of cash in a very short time.

@Linna Swr

That was spot on


I believe that Thumbtack putting out fake leads as well. I tested them and discovered that they are.



I am a Thimbtack PRO and couldn’t agree more that most of the promoted inquiries are computer generated SCAMS. I haven’t booked a single promoted post, been charged hundreds, and been ghosted by all promoted posts. Class Action is in the works.


They are worthless. Dollar for dollar use google ad words and you will get REAL leads...

Its a fact. It was good early on. Greed and stupidity took over and you get the garbage you see today. The system is totally rigged like a bad carnival game.

Fake b.s. leads, mixed in with a few good ones here and there. I do set aside a few dollars for the ones that seem legit and would be worth while.

99.999 of the time I just ignore and delete. Seems like most pros are catching on too when you see requests pop up That get no replys.

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