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Hi this is Mario owner of mba landscaping service I want to contact thumbtack because lately I been getting a lot of leads that requires lawn service I been calling and telling the thumbtack representative I dont do lawn service I do landscaping and Hardscape I need better leads I need help with this ASAP please they keeps charging me for leads I dont even want and theyre really expensive I need landscaping hardscape and turf leads good leads please contact me at 702-824-**** please call me ASAP do we can start working on this I been working with thumbtack for a long time and I want to keep working

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Thanks for letting us know about this. This article should be super helpful in providing instructions to help update your preferences so that you're only getting leads for the job types you want:

Additionally, you're welcome to submit refund requests here: If you still need help after those links, please feel free to give us a call: 1 (866) 501-5809.

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