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Complaint Description:Thumbtack is an online lead generating company for contractors. They give very vague information when a potential customer requests a quote. You are charged to provide a quote to the customer via a message system on the website. The info given about the customer does nothing to describe what services they want, measurements of the area to be serviced, or anything else needed to provide a quote. You are given no additional info about the customer. Once you pay, and send the message, you are notified when the customer supposedly "views" it. At this point there has not been any response from any customer I've paid for. I have contacted Thumbtack 3 times with questions and or requests for refunds/credits and have gotten no response. I believe that they may be trying to just scam contractors by getting them to pay for the service, provide a junk product, and then drop off the face of the earth.

Your Desired Resolution:refund for all 3 leads I purchased... I have email receipts which do not exceed $30. I also want them to modify the way they do business to provide a service of value rather than seemingly just taking folk's money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Monetary Loss: $27.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Reverbnation does the same thing as "thumbtack " false claims. No biz.

They are a scam organization that hires trolls to gang up on you and discredit you when you oppose them. It happened on facebook. They are evil! I paid 85.00 which i had never agreed too.

And if i had not stopped it they would keep charging account. Never got refunded! Thumbtack does the same thing. I only agreed to a 3 dollar fee!

Its the internet scam folks! Musicians dont bother using reverbnation.! Sound cloud is much more efficient...

and more popular. Reverbnation is now looking like a *** myspace page...who knows maybe it too is run by the same ego maniac.


I spent over $2k on a direct marketing mailer last year and got zero leads. I've spent about $100-$150 in the last 6 months on thumbtack and have landed 3 gigs totaling over $4k in sales.

That's a ridiculous ROI.

There's definitely competition on thumbtack but if you have a quality service and stick to it, you'll land something. It took a few months of placing bids before I got any replies on my bids.


Funny how the exact same post was posted earlier with a different user name. Thumbtack, is that you?

Yeah, that backfired buddy.

There was no chance in *** anyone believed the first post, and now we *know* you're a *** Nice try. :grin


I'm with you Jenn. They are so lame.

They keep posting fake reviews and are even abusive in some I read.

They're so dumb. They do not realize that everyone here knows that any positive reviews are obviously from them, that is, thumbtack...


You pay for leads, it up to you to follow through with them. If you respond to a quote and it is never viewed you automatically get credited back.

Obviously every lead does not pan out.

I use the thumbtack service and maybe 2 out of every 10 lead to a job. But for me, that is a great turn over rate for the investment.


I've been a Thumbtack provider less than 6 months and I've already booked over $6000 worth of business for this year and I'm booked into next year already for 3 jobs. I average about 1 out of every 4 quotes becoming a job I accept and I don't accept every job i'm offered.

I send a thank you message to every person who views my quote and a nice message to those who don't view my quote wishing them well.

I've booked 6 jobs from people who didn't view my quote until after the time limit expired but responded to my followup message. My investment so far has been about $400.00 but now my completed jobs are generating referrals as well.


Fake, Fake, Fake. This is a thumbtack representative writing this! Thumbtack, you're a scam and you know it!


We know it is you people at thumbtack writing this. Stop your fake reviews!

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