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I had a cleaning lady at my house. Aug 2017 until Spring of 2018. I was paying her and her helper. Madeline’s Cleaning Service. They both smoked and talked a lot. I am getting ready to move. So Madeline wanted some of my furniture. I told her she could work it off. We agreed on a price. And she took the furniture. She has worked 9 hours @ $20/hr and paid me $100 cash. She still owes me about $1240. I recently contacted her by text and she would not respond. So I thought I’d contacted her on Thumbtack. She said she was available to clean for me today. Jan 23, 2019. . I then tried to call her and text her. She finally responded by text. She said she was in Florida and her mother was dying and that she hasn’t worked for a long time. Madeline is a thief and a liar. I also saw she put videos on FB od a woman’s house she was cleaning. Several times. 2 different houses. She was making fun of the lady’s dog slipping on the wet floor. This is not right. She is unprofessional. She said she had no money to pay me for my furniture yet she drove to my house is a new SUV. I TEUSTED HER. SHE TRIES TO BE A FRIEND ANS THEN BETRAYA ME. I DON’t WANT HER AS A FRIEND. I WANT MY MONEY OR MY FURNITURE BACK THAT SHE STOLE!!!!! she also cussed a lot which I didn’t like and they rummages they my garbage and kept asking is I wanted this or that like I was giving my things away. Her helper Shawn was FDT inf to get me to give her a pair of my brand new gym shoes. I don’t appreciate these tactics. And I feel Madeline should NOR BE ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE ON YOU SITE. SHE SAID SHE IS BONDED. I NEVER SAW PROOF. AND SHE SAYS SHE HAS $1 million in insurance. Well. I haven’t seen proof of that either. I will most probably xall the police on her. I was too trusting and that are con artists. Karen Ensminger


Here are

some photos of my furniture in her house that she took before she paid or worked it all off. She wanted more but I didn’t let her have it. . That’s a photo of her too. Madeline Riley Cincinnati Ohio

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