I list with thumbtack.com as a remodeling contractor. No charge to list.

They notify me with first name and last initial , town or community, and the type of work to be done. Usually small jobs , sometimes too far away and some I just do not perform. Then to contact that " customer" I agree to pay a fee maybe $8- 20 or more. I post email through them initially , then I expect to get full name , ,phone # , or email so I can have direct communication with the " customer" , fully understand what needs to be done - what materials are needed, etc.

Now the " customer " can request to be anonymous, no full name, no address, no nothing. I get stuck for a fee.. Now who is really the customer? It' s me *** it.

Thumbtack has a form to submit a bid or even to send invoice -- without even seeing the job !

The company obviously isn't in the construction business - every job is different, every customer has input on the scale, quality, and schedule I wish my job was so simple as point ,click , bill , Pay Pal. Boom I'm done.

Its just as well - Service Magic has also made my money disappear - So now its time for me to disappear from their sucker lists . I would prefer one call than 100 " internet customers".

Location: Duluth, Georgia

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Wake up Contractors. Service Magic changed their name.

They are now Home Advisers!

These Lead Generation Outfits including Thumbtack are a Rip-Off, PERIOD!

You don't know it, but your playing the shell game with them,and don't even know it!

Before you know it, you have given one or more of them,$1,500-$2,000. How many jobs do you have to do,to recoup that $$$$?

If your a Contractor, who believes in doing Quality work,for a reasonable price, work will follow you!

My recommendation is, when you finish a project, "Leave your clients Happy"!

Even if you don't make the profit you wanted. Word of mouth, is powerful!


Contractors and all of us need to stop using all of these lead generators there are a lot of them and they are making money off all of us for people just surfing the internet. We are the {{Redacted}}!


Guys come on thumbtack and service magic, or home advisors are a rip off, use pro referred by home Depot I don't pay a dime for great leads


Well, you have read the complaints. Wake up!

5 Contractors bidding against each other, and Thumbtack taking money from all of them. Just, hopefully getting a chance to contact a owner, renter etc. Then the prospective client, just reading about your Company, and not contacting you, you lose your $$$$.

So, Thumbtack collects $60+ dollars and 4 of the 5 Contractors, are left out in the cold, never being able to communicate with the prospective client. Most of the people, going through Thumbtack, are looking for the lowest quote, without Contractors viewing the project in person.

Does this Professional to you? Doesn't to me!


Thumbtack has increased their devious ways, of getting your money, without, giving up much info, about the prospective clients. Now, you have to pay, just to request, a meeting, a job walk, to determine, how much to quote.

If the client does not respond, to your request, Thumbtack.

Looks at that as a quote, and you lose your money. Without ever being able to have any contact, with the prospective client.

They then get money from 5 Contractors.

Not only that, they mix Licensed Professionals, with non Licensed anybody!


You use way too many commas.


Glad to read the forbes article about google building a lead generation site and doing exactly what thumbtack is (or in the near future was) doing.

The arrogance of thumbtack and stupidity of not reacting to peoples complaints opened up the door for a better company to do it right.


Here's the thing about TT. Just like eBay, or any other bidding online service, it is always a *** shoot.

TT is the messenger, 3rd party facilitator...whatever you want to call them. Keep in mind one important detail. The clients looking for the work think they can penny down any and all that decide to make the investment. It isn't always TT's fault.

Now, granted, I don't claim to know their inside business practices, but being a freelance designer for 5 years now, the client thinks of you as the consummate professional at a bargain basement price and they conduct their correspondence with TT, and you, as such. Those looking for freelance anything seem to think that the proverbial "easy button" really exists and you are just some chump that has the power to click it. Case in point: I was contacted by an auto mechanic shop that does everything from oil changes to full frame to finish custom auto work. He wanted a web site with all the buttons and whistles (tracking work, online scheduling, eCommerce transactions, blog, social media integration, etc)...essentially, he wanted an online hot rod.

Here's the kicker. I asked him about his budget (keep in mind the dude drives a completely customized Benz that sports rims that were purchased for the price of a decent used car...and that's just the rims!). He rattles off $100! Can you imagine?!!

I then flipped the tables on him. I asked him what it would take to completely restore my 69 Camaro from frame to finish. He spouts some crazy number and I just laughed at him! Moral of the story: Most that post to these sites are looking for a chump, just like this *** expected me to be his chump.

The thing is, they will find that chump who is desperate for work or the online cred. And...as most people are completely obtuse, they will blow you off with little more than the click of a mouse. You will probably never hear from them again and it will seem as though your investment was a complete waste. Shooting the messenger is always the easiest form of venting.

You want restitution and realistically, you should be vindicated. But, real world, people are cheap, they suck, and they are inherently selfish. I have invested around $30 into TT to which I flipped for $500 on a logo design job. It can be done, but you have to be just as ruthless, yet carry your magnitude in a non assuming and professional manner.

In other words, you have to be the salesman. TT gives you ample opportunities to sell yourself with an extremely broad canvas to highlight your abilities, who you are, and what you can offer that others can't. If you invest in TT and you get slighted, all I can say is this...welcome to the freelance world! It's brutal out here!

One day it can be the most rewarding venture you ever enlisted, and the next it can make you hate all that is humanity! I have been in contact with TT on numerous occasions and what I can tell you is this...they have been extremely fast on responses and very giving in their incentives. There are a lot of online services just like this claiming the same thing. TT is the most discreet in the job offers I receive.

I get anywhere from 20-30 a day from other sites (very leery of these..I mean, really?). TT offers one to two a week. This tells me one thing...they aren't after your hollow bid.

Think about it...one to two a week at $10-$18 a pop...that isn't much in terms of ROI. If it's a scam, they don't plan to do much other than break even.


Well, it's about time that people are waking up to the Thumbtack scams. How long is it going to take, for logical thinking to click in?

It's a Shell Game! Professional clients are not interested in finding Non- Professional skilled Contractors to do their projects. Thumbtack caters to NON-LICENSED- NON BONDED handyman and their prospective clients. If your a Professional Licensed, Bonded, Insured Contractor, do you think, you have a snowball chance in ***, of landing that Project, bidding against Non Professional people, that can undercut you by 30-40% on quotes?

Wake UP!

I have brought this up to Thumbtack on several occasions. They have responded with, "We are working on it"!

For the last 4 years, they have been working on it!


Why am I getting these notices "This is a notification that someone just posted a comment to the review

A lead generating service for a fee - no info.

on Pissed Consumer." but in fact there are no new notices. I must have received about 10 of these recently and you can see that the last posting was 3 days ago. There hasn't been more than 4 new posting this year.

Please do not keep sending me these notices.


I been on TT for about a month got 3 good leads 1 job for 125.00 1 for 1,350 and 1 for 850.00 my only issue is why do I have to pay for leads and the phone number 1-85*-***-**** just rings and rings..... :roll


Looks like a fraud. :( sorry...

Very disappointed.And absolutely sure there is group of ppl working on creating fake quote requests. So unfair and ones it will be proved Thumbtack will get in trouble.In real trouble.


I have to agree with you 100%.


Thumbtack leads are virtually worthless. Here's the issue, you get billed when the client reads your quote and they limit the quotes to only 5 bidders. This sounds great on the surface, but let's say the client gets bids from five people they don't like or have no intention of booking then they go find someone somewhere else, so all five quotes never get answers and thumbtack laughs all the way to the bank.

My biggest frustration with TT is that they constantly change the rules of the game and then continue to charge you the same amount. Here is a perfect example. I'm a photographer in Las Vegas. Many couples looking to get married in Las Vegas don't want to use a "house photographer" where they have the ceremony either because of price or quality so they look to hire an outside photographer not knowing that the overwhelming majority of hotel properties and wedding chapels in Las Vegas will not allow an outside wedding photographer to shoot the wedding as it then is direct competition to the product they are trying to sell. What winds up happening is people go to thumbtack looking for a wedding photographer. This means that for me to submit a quote, it's going to cost me about $15, but I only learn later on that a $1500 wedding package is now only worth about $400 because I can't shoot the wedding ceremony or reception, only some pre-wedding photos or an engagement shoot. Why? Because the couple had no clue that they weren't allowed to hire me to shoot their wedding in the first place.

So, how do we vet someone on this? Well, you can ask a question before you bid such as, "Do you have permission from your venue to allow an outside photographer to shoot your wedding?", which will very much help in your bidding process. This worked great, until Thumbtack decided that now they don't want you asking any questions at all about the venue. NONE. So any time you ask such a question they either edit it or delete it completely, so now you are paying for a lead which may turn out to be worthless. I've tried to explain to Thumbtack about how this actually hurts their business because now less wedding photographers are going to bid because chances may be high they can't actually be booked for the shoot to begin with but they don't care.

All thumbtack does is create a venue for poorly educated clients and looky-loos who are low-quality leads to connect with vendors who are hungry to get new clients in this economy and pay TT hundreds of dollars in lousy quality leads before they realize it's one big scam. It's sad.


Here it is, it's a "NO BRAINER". Here's your test option.

Ask the potential client a question. Your a Professional, you need information in order to be able to give even a ballpark quoite.

If you ask a question with "NO RESPONSE" from the so called client,

they either have hired a Contractor or this is a bogus lead!

I always ask questions. The last 10 so-called clients I asked a perfectly Professional question, I got ZERO response. DO NOT GIVE TT any money before you can establish a dialog with a real person.

Also when you read there are 2-3 quotes already, and TT tells you that the client still wants to hear from you, you know that is a scam! Wake Up and smell the coffee!


I am starting to wonder if Thumbtack is creating fake customers so you bid on jobs and they get their money but of course you never hear another word. I have been on Thumbtack almost 4 years and have never gotten a single response to any of my bids.

They have absolutely no way of proving the customers are real.

I feel like a sucker. :upset


Furthermore, don't ever make the mistake of accidentally marking their precious 30 or 40 e-mails a day as "spam". I did.

Then, upon being contacted by them about it, realizing my mistake and re-marking the e-mail "not spam" as they requested, they deleted my account, and took the credits I had purchased.

To date, I have not been able to get a return e-mail from them, nor a phone number that reaches a living person there.


Why are they sending you so many emails? This doesn't sound reasonable.

I don't even get that many a month. I am lucky if I get a few each week.

As for the credits, I have never had to buy any credits as they have given me many to use as I wish.

I still have not got even 1 gig with using Thumbtack. I don't bid on every one as I am choosy where I will travel to and only want certain photography gigs. I was quite surprised that I didn't land one of them which I bid on a few weeks ago.

I only gave a quote for my time and told them they could buy what they wanted after the gig from my website. I figured that there were not very many real estate photographers around and having over 20 years experience and giving a low quote perhaps that would get my foot into the door.


Did you notice that during the holiday season, your TT email is flooded with so-called clients that want work done? BS

TT is going Xmas shopping with your money! We all know that business slows down during the Holiday. and picks up around springtime. Again, if suspicious, ask the client a question.

If you get "NO RESPNSE" it's probably a recycled or bogus lead.


I have been listed on thumbtack for about 3 years and only received one customer from them and that one contacted me directly and did not go through the quote system. I find the quote folks are looking for a super cheap service and are surprised we actually can cost all of $17 for a visit (which really isn't much for what is provided).

Even worse, though the quote system allows you to ask a question you cannot have a adequate exchange through it because TT edits it down until you only are saying about half of what you are trying to communicate in order to figure out if you want to bid for that job. I may no longer respond to the quotes.

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