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After receiving bids through thumbtack, we hired Patrick Rawls of Phoenix, AZ to fix our computers. He did a great job on four of our computers and was quite insistent we write a thumbtack review on him. We gave him five stars.

We also gave him one more computer to fix after submitting the review. After we gave Patrick the last computer, we discovered that $250 in software we had paid for on the original four computers was actually complimentary and expired after 30 days!

Although he was given the final computer for a diagnostic, to see if it could be brought up to expectation on a budget of $200-$300, Patrick proceeded to work on the computer without authorization, charging $735 for the upgrades he independently decided to make to our computer.

When we objected to the price, Patrick told us we would either pay the sum he desired within 3 days or he would begin charging $25/day storage fees for our tower on the third day! He suggested we get a lawyer if we didn't like the terms. Only after we involved the local police did we get our computer back-- in many pieces.

I contacted thumbtack. I knew my 5 star review on Patrick Rawls could not be edited, but in good conscience, I needed it REMOVED. This guy is irrational and dishonest. Thumbtack was communicative with me on their chat function. Their message to me was, "Too bad, so sad". My only recourse is through some complaint committee that will contact me. Someday.

Thumbtack is bogus. If they would recommend Patrick Rawls, they would recommend ANYONE. I, for one, will not use them again. Even with information about provider dishonesty, they can't remove a 5 star review? Thumbtack is irresponsible, unethical, and a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Leaving up a 5 star review for a dishonest service provider.

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Macon, Georgia, United States #1217773

I will give you 2 days from today posting to decided. if you want 250 back.

Macon, Georgia, United States #1217768

Karen and Randy Cox, Did you even mention i put alot a work into the machine. Fixing the way you wanted it fix.

and you decided not to pay me. I spent hrs and hrs working on. I do not appreciate my hard work and you lack of consideration for my effort. I would of never charged you 25/day if you decided not to pay me.

you sit there and complained about me. you dont think you had anything to do with it. I worked with you. i was going to replace the motherboard on your machine at my cost.

i did everything possible to help you and you just flipped out. So yes maybe i shouldnt say 25 dollars a day my fault. but i do not appreciate my hard work taking advantage of. Speaking of office 2016, you wanted pirated software.

I do not provide pirated software unless asked.

The reason i cant provide pirated software is the activation is unknown. like my other comment before i am willing to give you full refund of the 250 just so you be please and stop making bad remarks.

Macon, Georgia, United States #1217308

Karen Cox and Randy Cox,

If you want i will refund you your money. But i need first all posting to come down.

i need you write a good review on facebook under emerald computer. if this posting is left up i want a good review.

Macon, Georgia, United States #1217164

Karen and Randell Cox JR. Do you just have a habit that if you dont get your way you cause problems.

isnt that how you caused the other computer tech you had. You want everything free like everybody else.

you dont care who you squash to make that happen. you used to live on garden ln in Glendale, why did you move maybe because you caused enough pain in phoenix, and you want to run!

Macon, Georgia, United States #1217158

This is Patrick Rawls. Karen Cox and Randy Cox.

worked many hrs on your computer. I have all text messages where you authorize me to buy computer parts for the last computer. You have the right to sit there and call me thief. I got nothing on the last computer.

I took your computer apart working on it. You expect me to fix it on how you treated me. I said you have motherboard problem. I asked you multiple times I would like you to pay for the motherboard.

you could of said no. I told you I would take it and pay for myself trying to please you as my client. You never got back to me. I tried everything to fix your computer so you have it good as new.

Speaking of 250 dollar software, as I put on the receipt its office product. so I gave you exactly you wanted. hey I told you I am not responsible for any software you added. you want illegal software I said no.

ill give you office 30 day trial so I did of office 2016. if you didn't want to pay 250 for my software then you didn't have to. I have never force you to pay something you didn't want. oh btw why did you not mention 250 was for office 2016.

are you afraid Microsoft would come after you for pirated software. if you really want to get involved the windows software is piracy like you wanted it. I told you I would charge you 100 dollars to put windows 7 on. you said no I wanted free windows so I did.

that is not my fault. your not pleased with y service. if you keep trashing my reputation I will have to get legal actions. I do right by my clients.

I am glad you are not my clients anymore. you are nothing but a headace. I have many jobs that I do now. you reported me to thumbtack and they pretty much say you cant turn your 5 stars back.

you called Social security. they have no records of your complaint. I am still getting SSDI from them. I found an unlimited subscription to office 2016.

I will buy that for you if you take all post that are negative about me down. I fix people issues not caused them. I will also like a written apology on here. Until then.

I been giving everything to my lawyers. Karen and Randy Cox you live in show low Arizona.

have a good night. I'm also letting you know I am sending all my clients to here to post good things about me.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1217123

The negative remarks above are inconsistent with all of Patrick Rawls' reviews on Thumbtack where his rating overall is 5 Stars.

Macon, Georgia, United States #1217119

Patrick Rawls is a great computer tech. I have used his skills multiple times - always with great success. Patrick has consistently displayed the highest level of professionalism, skill, and integrity in all of the transactions - always at a reasonable price.

Don't know what happened with these people but based on both my personal interactions with Patrick and the consistently high thumbtack ratings, I would say those people are presenting an inaccurate picture of Patrick.

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