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Thumbtack - Pool liner replacement - no show

Done Right Pool service failed to reschedule yesterday to today. And then failed to show up . Even after not showing up today, he is still not sure when he would be able to replace our pool liner. In the meantime, the pool is empty & at risk of caving in. Would not recommend Thumbtack or Done Right Pool service.
Failure to screen: HomeAdvisor completes a criminal background, license and insurance check - Thumbtack fails to do that even when advised a roofer is not licensed, has no insurance and has a criminal record in 3 states (James Zaccone, "Exterior Home Solutions"); Fraud...
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no one on thumbtack ever follows thru and schedules an estimate, they just want to chat from a safe distance, understand the user base consists primarily of useless non confrontational liberal millennial bernie sanders everything is free *** lacking the social skill...
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This is the most ridiculous, non-applicable post I have ever read in my life. I suggest that people who want to rant politically and attack people about their age and politica...


Thumbtack - Overcharged

Need to talk to someone now!!!

Thumbtack - Poor response

I am trying to get married using this site and nobody keeps in contact with you or will confirm anything.2
I My name is Martine Heureux. I paid a lead for a certain Debbie Brickell who said she needed cleaning services in Miami. We have been discussing the details and today she told me to go to 274NW 32nd St in Miami to clean Apt #4. I was supposed to start at 11 am. I was...
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I liked
  • Concept if it were done properly

Thumbtack - Ali’s cleaning services

When I started with thumbtack the money was good I had a 5 star rating with every customer I had. My son screwed me good when he called one of my clients a *** that messed me up period with this company. I tried to fix it by saying it wasn’t me it was my son that did that I never got another customer now it’s hard for me to get any work now.
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Thumbtack - No show

I had a party. Needed grass cut. Never showed

Thumbtack - Do not want to be promoted

Have not spoken to an agent

Thumbtack - Fake leads that I have to pay for

I have lost money being a professional who uses thumbtack.