3 leads with incomplete info and NO response from customers or thumbtack

Signed up for thumbtack and got 3 leads sent to me (from 10 profile Clicks.. actually a good average) None of the leads had any contact info or any real information about the services requested (other than "painting - exterior walls or trim") included with them. The first one I received at like 1 am, so I wrote back at 930 the next morning. The other 2 I contacted (through thier internal message service... and didn't hear back. I CANT GET ANY RESPONSE FROM THUMBTACK SUPPORT AT ALL!!! Here's how their service has played out for me.... 1. Receive 1-2 leads a week for $3-$16 2. Once you pay, you still get no contact info, no measurements, nothing. -but you do get to send a message inside a little box. 3. Your notified when the customer opens the message, at that point you can't get a refund according to their written policy. 4. customer NEVER RESPONDS, company doesn't either 5. Your out the money I wouldn't be pissed if I got to ACTUALLY GIVE A F'N QUOTE, or got to talk to a customer. Feel Like a Sucker!!!!
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there is a site built to report these issues www.thumbtack.reviews. This company is heartbreaking


Thumbtack is SCAM. I own a carpet tile and upholstery cleaning business, and I kept getting leads on my phone without even being signed up with them.

So I decided to give thumbtack a shot. I bought 12 credits for 17.99 to reply to a potential tile cleaning job in Newport Beach. The request was very vague such as it didn't say type of tile and the square footage was listed as 500 to 1000 sq ft, which is a huge discrepancy in being able to accurately give an appropriate estimate. So I sent I need more info such as type of tile and exact sq ft.

I received a message back saying travertine. No sq ft. So I sent another message for sq ft. I received no response.

24 hours later still shows lead is still open for quotes. I noticed I was charged for requesting info twice. I then called thumbtack customer service and asked how they could charge me for more info if no quote was given. She said that is how it works.

She then told me that a quote was accepted by client. I said that's funny it doesn't show that to me. I then proceeded tell her that how can a quote be given and accepted without proper information. She had no answer.

I told her that thumbtack seems like a hinky organization and wanted a full refund of my $17.99.

I noticed they have taken my business off their service, however as of yet I have not received any refund. Moral of the story is that thumbtack leads are basically a fairytale and that this company preys upon the small business owner


Hi, please check thumbtackblacklist.wordpress.com for lists of clients likely to cause professionals grief.


This is how Thumbtack actually works. What you're experiencing is just the system.

You will never get responses from all the leads you get. We use Thumbtack regularly for our business. We get about 4-5 leads per day on average. I might get a response from one of those and actually get to talk to one customer out of about 6-7 leads and maybe one out of 15-20 turns into a sale.

It's just a numbers game because most people are kicking tires. You have to ask yourself if a job is worth paying for about 15-20 leads. It depends on the cost of the service you sell as to how much you're willing to pay to make a sale. For us, our jobs average about $2,000-$10,000 and it's definitely worth paying for 15 leads to get a job, maybe $200 or so.

I'd pay $200 all day to get a $2,000 job. A lot of Thumbtack technique is about the way you respond to a customer. It's also how polished your profile page is and the number of reviews your company has. You need to put on your best sales game and make it important for them to get a call.

I've changed my response technique several times and I've also gone in as a customer to see how it works from their POV to get a better understanding. They will respond if they're actually interested. Those that think every lead that comes in will turn into work are fooling themselves and don't understand how the system works.

You just need to calculate if the cost of sales on Thumbtack after you've made a few and see if it's right for your business. In our case, we've probably generated close to $100K in revenue through the system so it's definitely worth it to us.


Same here. I finally bid a job for $1 and still got no response.

What a joke!

What a ripoff. I have learned and I hope you do too.


I Agree this services needs to be avail-waited. I get leads for Power washing asap when it's 2 degrees there is 21 feet of snow on the ground.

Also yes the leads coming in at 1am or 3am in the Morning are very questionable. :cry :x :upset


I have had the same trouble with the site. No matter how low of a quote you send in, the consumer never calls and support doesn't care about this issue.

Definitely would not recommend this service to any Service Providers out there. Waste of Time and Money!!!!


I create websites and have spent $200 so far. ZERO is the result.

Some of the leads appear exciting. Then the lead cancels.

Time to reevaluate. Social Media advertising pays off much better.


Do not sign up for Thumbtack! I paid money to get be able to respond to quotes, not I can't access my account at all and no one responds at customer service or "support".

It is making my company look bad, as if I am ignoring quotes despite the fact I PAID to be able to do so!! Total scam & rip off.


I feel like an *** for signing up with these numbnuts, too. To give a quote, you have to have info, especially in a design capacity, but any other such thing, fence building, patio pouring.

Don't you have to SEE what you're going to be doing before you bid on it? Wouldn't you get yourself entangled in al sorts of liabilities? I was called out by a commercial property who wanted to extend a ramshackle shack in back of their place of business in Beverly Hills. I could tell they wanted cheap and hungry - in order to avoid a permit i.e.

they would choose someone who didn't know a permit was needed. One always spins the wheel of chance on bids, but the one bid I got wasn't worth my gas.

Thumbtack is very tacky…..

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Thumbtack Leads

ThumbTack tricked my niece into providing my personal email account

My niece is in sports. She was REQUIRED to supply a certain number of email accounts as part of some fund-raising program. My sister, not recognizing what was going to happen, gave them mine. OH F*. The SPAM has already begun. I am pissed, pissed, pissed. Thumbtack are pigs. I'm calling her school to complain, too! I would have been HAPPY to make a cash donation to her sports program. They didn't even give me a chance. F* Of course, I've unsubcribed, but undoubtedly, they will sell my email address. F*! F*! F*! F*! F*! F*!
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You Sir, are an ***.


And you thumbtack representative, quit writing fake reviews and quit scamming people!


You do realize your review makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, right?

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Thumbtack Personal Trainer

A lead generating service for a fee - no info.

I list with thumbtack.com as a remodeling contractor. No charge to list. They notify me with first name and last initial , town or community, and the type of work to be done. Usually small jobs , sometimes too far away and some I just do not perform. Then to contact that " customer" I agree to pay a fee maybe $8- 20 or more. I post email through them initially , then I expect to get full name , ,phone # , or email so I can have direct communication with the " customer" , fully understand what needs to be done - what materials are needed, etc. Now the " customer " can request to be anonymous, no full name, no address, no nothing. I get stuck for a fee.. Now who is really the customer? It' s me *** it. Thumbtack has a form to submit a bid or even to send invoice -- without even seeing the job ! The company obviously isn't in the construction business - every job is different, every customer has input on the scale, quality, and schedule I wish my job was so simple as point ,click , bill , Pay Pal. Boom I'm done. Its just as well - Service Magic has also made my money disappear - So now its time for me to disappear from their sucker lists . I would prefer one call than 100 " internet customers".
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Wake up Contractors. Service Magic changed their name.

They are now Home Advisers!

These Lead Generation Outfits including Thumbtack are a Rip-Off, PERIOD!

You don't know it, but your playing the shell game with them,and don't even know it!

Before you know it, you have given one or more of them,$1,500-$2,000. How many jobs do you have to do,to recoup that $$$$?

If your a Contractor, who believes in doing Quality work,for a reasonable price, work will follow you!

My recommendation is, when you finish a project, "Leave your clients Happy"!

Even if you don't make the profit you wanted. Word of mouth, is powerful!


Contractors and all of us need to stop using all of these lead generators there are a lot of them and they are making money off all of us for people just surfing the internet. We are the {{Redacted}}!


Guys come on thumbtack and service magic, or home advisors are a rip off, use pro referred by home Depot I don't pay a dime for great leads


Well, you have read the complaints. Wake up!

5 Contractors bidding against each other, and Thumbtack taking money from all of them. Just, hopefully getting a chance to contact a owner, renter etc. Then the prospective client, just reading about your Company, and not contacting you, you lose your $$$$.

So, Thumbtack collects $60+ dollars and 4 of the 5 Contractors, are left out in the cold, never being able to communicate with the prospective client. Most of the people, going through Thumbtack, are looking for the lowest quote, without Contractors viewing the project in person.

Does this Professional to you? Doesn't to me!


Thumbtack has increased their devious ways, of getting your money, without, giving up much info, about the prospective clients. Now, you have to pay, just to request, a meeting, a job walk, to determine, how much to quote.

If the client does not respond, to your request, Thumbtack.

Looks at that as a quote, and you lose your money. Without ever being able to have any contact, with the prospective client.

They then get money from 5 Contractors.

Not only that, they mix Licensed Professionals, with non Licensed anybody!


You use way too many commas.


Glad to read the forbes article about google building a lead generation site and doing exactly what thumbtack is (or in the near future was) doing.

The arrogance of thumbtack and stupidity of not reacting to peoples complaints opened up the door for a better company to do it right.


Here's the thing about TT. Just like eBay, or any other bidding online service, it is always a *** shoot.

TT is the messenger, 3rd party facilitator...whatever you want to call them. Keep in mind one important detail. The clients looking for the work think they can penny down any and all that decide to make the investment. It isn't always TT's fault.

Now, granted, I don't claim to know their inside business practices, but being a freelance designer for 5 years now, the client thinks of you as the consummate professional at a bargain basement price and they conduct their correspondence with TT, and you, as such. Those looking for freelance anything seem to think that the proverbial "easy button" really exists and you are just some chump that has the power to click it. Case in point: I was contacted by an auto mechanic shop that does everything from oil changes to full frame to finish custom auto work. He wanted a web site with all the buttons and whistles (tracking work, online scheduling, eCommerce transactions, blog, social media integration, etc)...essentially, he wanted an online hot rod.

Here's the kicker. I asked him about his budget (keep in mind the dude drives a completely customized Benz that sports rims that were purchased for the price of a decent used car...and that's just the rims!). He rattles off $100! Can you imagine?!!

I then flipped the tables on him. I asked him what it would take to completely restore my 69 Camaro from frame to finish. He spouts some crazy number and I just laughed at him! Moral of the story: Most that post to these sites are looking for a chump, just like this *** expected me to be his chump.

The thing is, they will find that chump who is desperate for work or the online cred. And...as most people are completely obtuse, they will blow you off with little more than the click of a mouse. You will probably never hear from them again and it will seem as though your investment was a complete waste. Shooting the messenger is always the easiest form of venting.

You want restitution and realistically, you should be vindicated. But, real world, people are cheap, they suck, and they are inherently selfish. I have invested around $30 into TT to which I flipped for $500 on a logo design job. It can be done, but you have to be just as ruthless, yet carry your magnitude in a non assuming and professional manner.

In other words, you have to be the salesman. TT gives you ample opportunities to sell yourself with an extremely broad canvas to highlight your abilities, who you are, and what you can offer that others can't. If you invest in TT and you get slighted, all I can say is this...welcome to the freelance world! It's brutal out here!

One day it can be the most rewarding venture you ever enlisted, and the next it can make you hate all that is humanity! I have been in contact with TT on numerous occasions and what I can tell you is this...they have been extremely fast on responses and very giving in their incentives. There are a lot of online services just like this claiming the same thing. TT is the most discreet in the job offers I receive.

I get anywhere from 20-30 a day from other sites (very leery of these..I mean, really?). TT offers one to two a week. This tells me one thing...they aren't after your hollow bid.

Think about it...one to two a week at $10-$18 a pop...that isn't much in terms of ROI. If it's a scam, they don't plan to do much other than break even.


Well, it's about time that people are waking up to the Thumbtack scams. How long is it going to take, for logical thinking to click in?

It's a Shell Game! Professional clients are not interested in finding Non- Professional skilled Contractors to do their projects. Thumbtack caters to NON-LICENSED- NON BONDED handyman and their prospective clients. If your a Professional Licensed, Bonded, Insured Contractor, do you think, you have a snowball chance in ***, of landing that Project, bidding against Non Professional people, that can undercut you by 30-40% on quotes?

Wake UP!

I have brought this up to Thumbtack on several occasions. They have responded with, "We are working on it"!

For the last 4 years, they have been working on it!


Why am I getting these notices "This is a notification that someone just posted a comment to the review

A lead generating service for a fee - no info.

on Pissed Consumer." but in fact there are no new notices. I must have received about 10 of these recently and you can see that the last posting was 3 days ago. There hasn't been more than 4 new posting this year.

Please do not keep sending me these notices.

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